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Innovation in transport for sustainable cities and regions
6-7 December 2017, in Brussels

The 2017 Annual Polis Conference is only 4 weeks away and will be full of opportunities to meet peers, find inspiration and learn about the latest urban transport innovations. Here are some key questions we are looking forward to discuss with you:

Automated vehicles on real public roads?
In a bid to move beyond the automation hype, city and regional authorities and a supplier will share insights to the challenges of implementing an automated transport service or automated vehicle pilot on real public roads. The wider potential societal and transportation impacts of automation will be explored in session 4A.

What are the cities thinking?

Cities from around the world share their stories on how they work with innovative transport solutions in the biannual 'Thinking Cities' magazine. Ghent, Rome and Los Angeles are among those that open up about transport planning, new mobility services and the value of partnerships. Pick up your free copy on Saint Nicholas Day at the 2017 Polis Conference and stay tuned to find out which city will receive the Thinking Cities Award!

How to manage on-street parking?
Brussels is a city with 700.000 cars in motion in peak traffic and 265.000 on-street parking spaces. One of the four site visits takes delegates to the regional parking agency On our way, we will look at interesting parking practices, after conference session 1C revealed details on urban parking strategies in Barcelona, Stockholm, Bremen and Vevey.

Can city streets be safe?
Amsterdam assesses its infrastructure against road safety and Delft talks about its 30km/h speed limits in sessions 1B and 3B. Rome, Bogota and London will share their vision zero ambitions as we continue to learn how to save lives even after the Polis Conference: The workshop “From Safety Data to Safer City Streets” is organised jointly by Polis and the International Transport Forum, back to back with the Polis Conference.

Who’ll take the chair?
The rise of new mobility services has led to a growing role for the private sector in city and regional transport service provision. High-level panellists discuss in the closing plenary debate what the local authority’s role will be in the future.

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