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A bumper start to the year - 29 new events listed, and another 19 ready to go next week! The Urbanicity calendar continues to be the only comprehensive source for urban events worldwide.

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Alistair Campbell


The following events have been added to the Urbanicity calendar in the last month.

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12-Feb Abu Dhabi Greenfield Cities Alliance Annual Convening
19-Feb Belgium CIVITAS SUMPs-Up Final Event
24-Feb Austria DeCarb Cities
11-Mar Portugal Smart Mobility Summit 2020
16-Mar Poland Smart City Forum
18-Mar Australia Welcoming Cities Symposium
19-Mar Netherlands Beyond Data 2020
25-Mar UK CoEXist Final Conference
30-Mar South Africa World Towns Leadership Summit
14-May Italy Innovating Cities: Cultural Heritage in Action
20-May Canada Reimagine Conference 2020: Roadmap to Sustainable Cities
9-Jun Indonesia Indonesia International Smart City Expo & Forum
16-Jun USA ICF Global Summit 2020
16-Jun Canada The Wellbeing Cities Forum
17-Jun Australia Stormwater 2020
5-Jul Singapore CleanEnviro Summit Singapore 2020
7-Jul UK AESOP Congress 2020
10-Aug Malaysia Asia Pacific Network for Housing Research Conference 2020
25-Aug Sweden 7th International Conference on Traffic and Transport Psychology
26-Aug Australia Smart Cities Week Australia
9-Sep Italy European Transport Conference
20-Sep USA Railvolution 2020
6-Oct Malaysia Smart Cities Asia 2020
14-Oct Sweden VREF Conference on Urban Freight 2020
28-Oct Singapore LTA-UITP Singapore International Transport Congress & Exhibition
17-Nov Spain Smart City Expo World Congress
17-Nov Spain Smart Mobility Congress
22-Nov Dubai Rapid Cities – Responsive Architectures. Dubai 2020
2-Dec Netherlands 2020 Polis Conference

Here are some of the early registration deadlines expiring in February

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15 Feb 24 May South Africa Rise Africa
25 Feb 23 Apr Austria AIJA seminar on smart cities
28 Feb 24 Mar USA CityLaunch 2010
28 Feb 6 Jul Poland 3rd World Conference of the SURE


More early registration deadlines

Here are some of the Call for Papers deadlines expiring in February

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4 Feb 9 Sep Italy European Transport Conference
21 Feb 22 Sep Korea Walk 21 2020
28 Feb 15 Sep Ireland Child in the City World Conference
28 Feb 20 Sep USA Railvolution 2020
29 Feb 9 Jun Poland City Health International 2020


More Call for Papers deadlines

Here are some of the events taking place in February this year. To see the full list of events listed at the Urbanicity calendar, go here.

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8-Feb Abu Dhabi World Urban Forum 10
11-Feb UK MOVE Mobility Re-imagined
11-Feb Dubai Mega City Infrastructure Week
13-Feb UK Smart Cities UK 2020
19-Feb Australia Smart Local Government Summit


More events this month

Here are some of the many news items about events published at Urbanicity this month.

If you would like to add a conference story to Urbanicity, email Alistair Campbell.

Guangzhou Award 2020 - Call for submissions!

Reaching its fifth edition in 2020, the biennial Guangzhou Award is putting a special focus on innovative approaches taken by local and regional governments to accomplish the SDGs and meet the commitments of the New Urban Agenda towards the prosperity and quality of life of their citizens.


Take part in Efus' 2020 General Assembly

The European Forum for Urban Security's 2020 General Assembly will be held on 26-27 March in Riga (LV). A key event in the life of our association, it will be an opportunity to take stock of the activities conducted in 2019 and to discuss priorities for the years to come. This year's GA meeting will also include preparatory work for our 2020 “Security, Democracy and Cities” international conference. Furthermore, the municipality of Riga will organise several field visits to showcase some of their local projects.


Call for papers - Child in the City 2020

The International Child in the City Foundation, Dublin City Council and the Irish Department of Children and Youth Affairs invite you to attend the 10th edition of the Child in the City World Conference, to be held from 15-17 September 2020 in the beautiful city of Dublin.

The call for papers for Child in the City World Conference in Dublin will close 28 February 2020


Call for Sessions at Urbanism Next Europe 2020

The Call for Sessions & Speakers for Urbanism Next Europe 2020 is now open: we are looking for bold ideas and great speakers, and you could be one of them!

Big changes are coming in Urban Mobility and Urban Development.

They’re coming fast, and will have impacts on land use, real estate, public space, building design, and all transport modes.

How can we make sure these innovations actually make our cities better?

Political decision makers, planning and design professionals, real estate developers, urban logistics experts, researchers, entrepreneurs, mobility service providers and corporate mobility planners: to go from a reactive to a proactive approach, we need to engage many actors.

Urbanism Next Europe will bring them together to discuss #WhatsNext for Urban Mobility and Development.


ETC 2020: Call for Papers

The Association of European Transport is delighted to kick off the preparations for the ETC 2020 at its new venue - Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy - with the Conference’s Call for Papers.

The European Transport Conference (ETC) attracts papers that address themes of relevance to the transport agenda in Europe and worldwide. The Conference provides a great opportunity for all delegates to network and form career-spanning professional relationships.



More conference news




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